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Review – Battlestar Galatica – The Plan

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

What do you mean? His jacket was plum, this is teal!

Retelling of the destruction of the colonies and the attempt at the Fleet surviving (up to the end of the second series from memory) but from the perspective of the cylons. It deals specifically with the interations of Cavill (#1) though we do get some solid face time with other cylons.

It was really good to see Anders more fleshed out.
Grace Park got her acting on and played Boomer incredibly well – much better than her whiny telling of the 8s.
One journey – two paths.
It moved along quite well for the most part.
The duplicity of the 6’s and Cavill was also well done.

Well whatever you do don’t watch this if you never saw BSG – it is chocked pack filled with spoilers.
I know it was told from the 1’s but he was always my least favourite, even if he is played by Stockwell.
I thought way too much time looking at Galen and some random new character.
Too much stock footage.
Unnecessary salaciousness.

When I was talking about buying this and watching, I was told it made up for how bad season three was… but to be honest, I don’t remember season three sucking. I am spending part of the Christmas break rewatching BSG from the beginning (partly to make up for how disappointing Caprica was), and while the majority was OK, the moments of brilliance reminded me why I loved this show (ignoring its preachiness).


Review – Caprica – Apotheosis (Series Final)

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Alessandra Torresani couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag.

This week:
The Adamas overcome the impossible and save the day (with v little effort it seems). Clarice gets what for. Everyone lives happily ever after (except the Cylons who are disaffected and have found God).

Bill Adama isn’t a cylon.
I am God.
It kind of set it up for the next series.

Oh god – where to start.
Nothing of interest with Lacy’s journey.
Way too formulaic.
Continuity errors to BSG.
The script.
The ease in which the Greystones saved the day.
Greystones saving the day.
The lack of gratifying resolution.
Ummm Tamara anyone?

This was a wholly unsatisfying final to a series that rarely met its potential, let alone being in the same suburb as it. The first half of the season teased and promised so much, yet never really delivered. The thing I most wanted to see in the conclusion was Lacy’s takeover of the STO, we got zilch. Just one line towards the end? Meh. At least Bill Adama wasn’t a cylon.


Review – Caprica – Here Be Dragons

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

If only we followed more of Lacy's story this show wouldn't have sucked so hard

This week:
Daniel, Amanda and Sam journey deeper into V-World to meet with Zoe and Tamara. The Tauran mafia comes after Joseph and his family. Clarice and her followers get to their prize. Lacy gets her revolution on and Zoe tries on a new/old outfit.

Some decent suspense while the Greystones were out of the real world and Clarice and co were trying to break in.
The Lacy execution scene.
Action – plot development – serious this was the most eventful ep in the history of Caprica – unfortunately it wasn’t executed v well.
Sam as always.

Pretty lame dragons.
Obvious what was going to happen with Zoe and the timing.
The ONE thing I said I wouldn’t accept they did… really? It is just stupid.
Atrocious editing as usual.
Too much happening with not enough cohesion.
Umm so where was Tamara?
Skin Jobs line.

I was kind of enjoying this episode even with its faults but the whole Greystones in the forrest was way overshot – 3 mins would have been fine – we are clever – we know when the lights go down day has changed to night. I am majorly disappointed in what they did to one of the minor characters – which I won’t say here as I try not to do spoilers – but it blows major holes in all of BSG on so many levels. It was a cheap and easy twist that was, well, lame.


PS. One more ep to go – now that I know who is going to be uploaded I don’t want to see it – all I want to see is what Lacy does with the STO and how that leads to the First Cylon War.

Review – Warehouse 13 – Secret Santa – Christmas Special

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Pete - saving the world one fake dog poo gag at a time.

This week:
Harry Dresden has hung up his hockey stick and is building malls in California. Myka and Pete see Santa. Chloe wants Artie to have the best Christmas ever. Artefact  hijinks. Case solved. Christmas dinner.

Lots of Claudia time being typically Claudia.
Claudia’s brother is visiting from CERN.
Nice secondary story.
Hokey effects (which is why we love it!)
Pete having some classic Pete moments.
Not too much Myka time (reduced annoyance).

The resolution to the artefact wasn’t that strong.
Was a tad Christmasy for my liking (yes I know it was a Christmas episode but even then too much).
Santa? Really? Couldn’t we have had a reindeer with a penchant for bloody vengeance?

Overall it was a cutesy little stand alone ep. Certainly wasn’t one of their better eps, but it was nice to see the team while we wait for next season.
EDIT: The always on the ball @kuma pointed out to me that at the end of last season, Myka decided to leave… guess that didn’t stick as she was back without a by your leave in the Christmas Special.


PS. If you want more Eddie McClintock hijinks – follow him on The Twitters here.

Review – Stargate Universe – Resurgence

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

No you aren't boring, I am just morphing into Mega-Chloe!

This week:
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and says “Hi my name is Duck,” it is probably a duck… the same is true for traps and double crosses. Meh Telford is back. Greer and Brody go exploring. Tamara is flirting. Eli is sulking. Rush tries to bond. Oh and it’s a trap and then it’s a double cross trap!

I liked Chloe finally being more than wishywashy whiney victim girl.
Exploring the dead ship – nice tension in that scene.
LOVED Volker getting real dialogue and chance to be centre of attention for more than 3 seconds.
Was good to see Eli acting out properly.
Couple of great one liners.

Young is the worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Telford is Meh.
Correct me if I am wrong, but don’t guns need air to fire?
Destiny has a very slow computer it seems.

Now this ep had all the components to make it step up. As Scott (aka Agent_X) said:

Scott telling me I am wrong

But I don’t know why it didn’t gel. I can’t get past some things, such as Young making poor decision after poor decision and having the leadership abilities of a puppy napping after a bowl of milk. I don’t know why, but I don’t see that as him caring for his people, it shows him playing favourites, willing to risk everyone for the sake of a few – he does this time and time and time again. When will he learn? As such I didn’t get sucked into the tension. So for me, this episode was average. Not great, not sucky – but I am not on the edge of my seat to see what happens… Of course they make it.


Review – Caprica – The Heavens Will Rise

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Ok - alone in a room filled with armed killer robots is not a turn on... well ok maybe.

This week:

Daniel and Amanda rebond over the truth and their common sense of regret. “By your command.” Zoe is still cranky. Clarice’s dreams of godhood are one step closer. The truth comes out re Mar-Beth. Giddyup!

I really liked Zoe sticking it to her Dad.
Clarice’s realisation of a bad decision.
Everyone is playing everyone.
The Blessed Mother choosing her words.
The Cylon room.

I still think the actors behind Tamara and Zoe aren’t strong enough.
It took us way too long to get here and much of what we went through isn’t relevant.

There was a LOT going on this week. All the stories are slowly pulling together. Clarice wants vengeance, the Adamas want closure, the Greystones want forgiveness, and the STO want power. I am looking forward to the next two (and final eps). I am curious as to whether Zoe is the base model to all Cylons, though I have to tell you, it would suck if they made Commander Adama a Cylon – it would make no sense as he didn’t hear the call. But I just have this feeling they are going to make a Cylon out of him – or maybe Sam, but I think William. And where is James Marsters’ Barnabas Greeley. Did he shoot the GDO officer and take the holoband?

Finally, I wonder if the title is a reference back to the creation myth/belief/fact (pick your own word there).


Review – Caprica – The DirtEaters

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

caprica dirteaters avenging angels

What all the cool New Cap City players are wearing.

This week:
The idea of ethnicity is re-explored through flash backs and choices by the Adama family. Daniel makes yet another deal with the devil. The Avenging Angels are the latest fad.

The idea that honest work like farming could be so distasteful to others.
One’s own choosing to return to the soil.
Sam and Joseph’s journey as children.
Daniel being even more devious.
Everyone has their own agenda.

I still lack empathy for Amanda.
That stupid editing between V-World and Caprica.
Tamara and Zoe aren’t strong enough actors to pull of their current story lines.

This was an incredibly strong character driven episode. It is a shame that just as this series/season found its feet, they were removed out from under. I write this having seen The Heavens Will Rise, and I found this episode a perfect counterpoint for the next step.


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Review – Stargate Universe – Visitation

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Dear Santa. I would like a pony, a puppy, oh and not to die alone.

This week:
What a left behind has returned. Hope is dashed. Love makes hard decisions and a wish is made reality.

The nice little twist at the end.
The “something missing” effect.
Greer’s farewell to Chloe.

What happened last week seems to be forgotten.
A glimmer of hope once again smashed by the show (including buy in by audience of TJ’s baby)
Unnecessary pain and suffering.

For the love of pete, please do something with your minor characters. Volker is begging for a real story – he is probably the most interesting of the minor players and what I have seen of Patrick Gilmore’s acting here and in Riese, he could deliver something really strong, funny, interesting – anything! Or how about some more Vanessa James- I would even take more Brody (and yes while Kelamis is an Aussie – I don’t think his character is as interesting as Gilmore’s). We were going somewhere with James and then the wheels just fell off. The main characters are decidedly boring with only Greer and Eli still really engaging. Please!!!


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Review – SGU – Malice

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Here little dinosaur creature...

This week:
Grief. Revenge thy name is dinosaur like creatures but your middle name is Rush.

It didn’t suck.
I did like Eli’s reaction.
The lines between right and wrong are redrawn yet again.

No more Gin.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever.
Still no minor character development (other than the two who just died).
Rush, bullet to head now please. Over this character – totally, well and truly over this character.
Scott, boy scout or girl guide?

Let's talk about HOPE!

Seriously is no one ever allowed to be happy on that bloody vessel? When is it going to be panto night? BEHIND YOU! Right now, they aren’t living or fighting for anything, just surviving, and that isn’t living. Every time there is a brief moment of happiness the clouds open and the floods begin again. On one level last night’s episode was a dark little romp, on the other it was incredibly frustrating. What they need is a Katara character to wax lyrically and bossily about hope a bit.

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Review – Caprica – Blowback

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

The exits are located here, here and here.

This week:
A trap is set for a STO member hiding in plain sight amongst Caprica’s finest. Lucy Rand arrives on Gemenon, hijinks ensue. Clarice’s religious fervour knows no bounds. Amanda in the Lion’s Den. Daniel is running out of time and discovers an uncomfortable truth. Sam can’t believe Joseph and Joseph sells out his morals and memories.

Even more reasons why the clyons are monotheistic.
Great set piece on the jump ship even if it was predictable.
Sam’s reaction when he finds out about the cylons and just to whom they are being sold.
The cylon in action.
The harsh true nature of the STO exhibited both on Geminon and on Caprica.
No Zoe.

No Zoe again which makes me fearful or a Zoe centric ep coming our way.
Grace – shudderific.
What ever happened to Serge?

On the heels of the announcement of their cancellation – Blowback reminds us why this can be such a strong show. Unfortunately we spent too much time on the Greystones (particularly Daniel and to some extent Zoe) in the middle of this journey – and they aren’t really where the story is at. Yes they created the cylons but their real “birth” isn’t their building, but their evolution – which seems to be outside of Greystone Industries. The Tauran subplot is also strong, as is the STO when it isn’t just religious rhetoric. Unfortunately it is too late for this show, but I will continue to delve into the world before the Fall on Caprica.


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