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Review – Body of Proof (First 8 episodes)

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

I know you think I like you Megan, but you really don't read people that well.

The show follows Megan Hunt (Dana Delany – Desperate Housewives, China Beach), an ex neuro-surgeon who now works as a medical examiner in Boston (?). Hunt has an interesting backstory that is built on throughout the series giving it an arc feel rather than just the ‘case of the week’ feel. It is a procedural drama though, with Hunt fighting to solve crimes alongside her partner (Peter Dunlop) and the only two police on the force who can work with her. Along the way, she may just win back the love and understanding of her daughter.

I love Dana Delany.
Aussie Nicholas Bishop in the role of Dunlop.
Lots of use of iPads.
Jerri Ryan!
Great supporting cast.
Fantastic guest cast as well – some great pickups.
No romance tension.
You learn as a the team learn, so you fall for the same red herrings.
Usually good twists on each story.
Science prevails – but not “squint” science.
Often a secondary case arc in each episode.
Incredibly strong female characters but not totally unrealistic – each has their own faults.
The writing improved very quickly once they got the feel for the characters.

Is it in Delaney’s contract that every episode we must have a panning shot up her legs?
Who wears stilettos to crime scenes – especially ones where you have to walk across grass.
Is it just me, or does the main building look like it was CGI dropped into the shot?
If you don’t “get” the characters, I think it would be quite a dull procedural.

I describe it as a little bit Bones, and a little bit Quincy ME. I rather enjoy watching it. It is character driven, rather than cop/action driven with a solid season arc. Each week it is a solid little performer. Best of all it has been renewed for next season.


Review – Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut (S06Ep01)

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


So let's get this straight. You are pissy at me cause I went to get my magic drinking straw?

This week:
It is two months since the Pandorica opened and The Doctor saved the universe/world from annihilation (again). He has been having some funtastic adventures, some even with River. When mysterious numbered envelops in TARDIS blue are delivered, the team come back together in Utah for a picnic. But this is Doctor Who, nothing is idillic for long.

OMG the baddies are going to give the Weeping Angels a run for their money.
The power of the baddies.
How cool is it that Mark Sheppard is in this!!??
Amy Pond wears long shorts (I am sure millions of boys cried a little when that happened).
Great moment with Rory and River. The great tragedies of their lives – especially River. Rory just needs to get over himself.
Really strong development of the team as a unit.
Lying with Fish Sticks and Custard.

I really don’t think it needed to go to the States. Yeah Spacemen are in the States, but given the actors are all Brits, what is the point?
The big emotional scene at the beginning – did anyone really think that was it? Really lacked punch.

This wasn’t the episode I was expecting. I don’t know what it was that I wanted, but it wasn’t this. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the subtext within the episode and how it has been set up for next week. As a general rule two parters shit me, I hate waiting, but it usually pays off in the end.


PS. ABC: Why are you showing it a week behind the rest of the world? And people wonder why we rig our computers to be from another country so we can access content internationally.

Review – Nikita – Girl’s Best Friend (S01Ep19)

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Damn it! How did I miss this terrorist? Division told me they are the ones in the shiny suits too!

This week:
The plan to get Alex out of Division hits a snag when she is called in for a “good” mission for Division. Teamed with his frenemy, Jaden, Alex’s mission involves a billionaire playboy armsdealer and a boingo boingo party. What could possibly go wrong?

LOVED the ended.
Jaden’s choices and her initiative.
Great opening scene.
Nice mission too – clever idea and implementionatoin.
Alex’s choice.
Michael and Nikita’s positions (not an euphemism).

Sorry Nikita, but white lycra leggings?
Jaden’s mission was a bit lame.
Michael using an unsecured cell phone in Division?
It was a little slow in the delivery.

Just when we think you actually can get the warm fuzzies, out they go with the bathwater. With everything that has been happening recently, I have no idea how they are going to round this season out, but I hope it involves Noah Bean. Can’t wait!


Review – Fringe – Stowaway (S03Ep17)

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

When old friends like these meet, anything is possible.

This week:
Bellie joins the team and Walter is having a grand old time of it. Peter is facing yet another challenge in his relationship with Olivia, and a woman who can’t die is trying to hitch a ride to heaven.

Seth Gable as a guest star. He would be a great recurring character.
Walter and William – what a team.
William flirting with Astrid.
Very nice case of the week.
I must admit I didn’t see what happened happening – more of a vessel arc for that character.

Torv just doesn’t convince me in this capacity.

I really loved the idea of this episode. That someone can get stuck. It was approached very differently to Type 4 in Being Human. You can’t say this was better or worse than their take on it as they came it from a totally different direction. I must admit I had more empathy for Sasha than I did for Dana Grey but that was predominately because we knew so much more about her.


Review – Episodes – Episode 7 (S01Ep07)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Sex as Revenge 101

This week:
Matt admits to Beverly that Sean didn’t sleep with Morning. Sean goes to see Matt to say goodbye. Pucks gets some testing.

This episode was always going to be predictable, but they handled it well.
Matt unable to keep a secret or even glaze over the truth successfully.
Best fight scene in a long time, very funnily done.
Board room scene.

Matt hanging around a fight.
Sean being indignant, as the only reason he didn’t pursue was because he was shut down by Morning.

The ending, once the Beverly and Matt incident occurred was always going to happen. I didn’t count on Sean finding out so soon. This was a quirky little show that I certainly enjoyed. It will be interesting to see if it comes back next season, and how they are going to make a show about making a show a la Grosse Point.


Review – Community – Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking (S02Ep16)

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Not ABED, just Abed, talking to camera.

This week:
Abed is making a documentary which follows the aftermath and fall out of Pearce’s park bench adventure. There is bequething, Levar Burton, a punch up and the Explainibrag.

Kunta Kinte jokes.
Community once again breaking the mold of the 30 min sit com.
The documentary voiceover.
Took them out of their comfort zone of Greendale.
Troy’s emotional ride.
Annie’s rational.

The funniest parts weren’t the characters.
No Starburns.
No Chang.

I know I haven’t reviewed the last few eps of Community. With so many others outstanding, my focus was elsewhere, but after such a great twist on the genre, I had to, especially after I tried to watch CBS’s new sitcom Mad Love. I couldn’t even make it to the opening credits. Even when Community is above its own par, it is still strokes ahead of anything else.


Review – Outcasts – Episode Three (S01Ep03)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

So if you say "Cadaver" with a different inflection it sounds less creepy, right?

This week:
Documents come to light which throw doubt on the end of the dangerous white out cycle that besets Carpathia. Tipper has to stop avoiding his past. Tate comes clean. Fleur takes a risk. Cas’ worst and best qualities are on display and Berger uses religion to manipulate.

More b
ackground on the AC’s.
Character development all over the place.
Good sense of urgency and suspense.
Tipper’s pain and resolve.
Tipper’s breakdown.
Tipper relieving that moment of his youth.
Nice tie back to previous episodes.

There was an awful lot going on this week – can’t decide if it was too much.
Lack of empathy for Tate.
Can they make Berger any more menacing? Maybe if he was the head of Slitheron.

After a disappointing second episode, I was pleasantly relieved that this week’s episode stepped up and delivered us some great acting and quality drama. I admit I cried when Tipper “saw” his sisters again.


Review – Being Human (UK) – Adam’s Family (S03Ep02)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Walking hand in hand into the sunset, as only a ghost and a vampire can.

This week:
A teenage vamp needs help and two werewolves step up. Mitchell is offered an out and Annie interferes way too much in Mitchell’s job hunt.

The “nice” vampires not so nice.
The depths of humanity.
Choices – everyone’s choices.
What makes us human sometimes isn’t what we think.
The anti-werewolf jokes – loved the paper.

Annie really annoyed me this week – I know that was the point but wanted to smack her.
Went a little too far in the pool room.
Mitchell was a bit too wishy-washy for me this week. I know he is dealing with tunnel events and purgatory, but still.
For an isolated place there seems to be a lot of non-humans.

This was an episode that felt very much like the antics of Season One (and that is a good thing). I really liked how George and Nina stepped up and Adam’s final decision.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – The Descent (S02Ep12) Mid-Season Return

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Damon, I am going to emotionally manipulate you because I know you love me. That doesn't make me a bad person, but it does make you a bad Vampire if you follow your nature.

This week:
Rose is suffering the effects of the werewolf bite. Damon has to come to terms with no longer switching off his feelings. Elena babysits an hallucinating vampire (what could possibly go wrong). Caroline gets kissed, twice. Stephan has his own little side mission.

Jules is a lot more complicated than initially thought.
Damon’s dream with Rose. I admit I cried.
Return to Damon 1.0.
John is back!
Caroline and Tyler (really enjoying this story line).
Not Elena centric.
Werewolves can hold a grudge like a vampire.

When I first watched it I thought, WOW a lot just happened, but in retrospect, not so much.
Elena is still trying to emotionally manipulate Damon.
No-one is really trusting anyone, yet expecting others to trust them.

I did enjoy the Damon arc this episode. As you know, I rewatched season one before Christmas as part of my holiday viewing, and I had forgotten the old Damon. This was almost a return to form. This could get very interesting very fast.


Review – Smallville – Collateral (S10Ep12)

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Let's look serious - and.... GO!

This week:
We pick up shortly after the events of Carter Hall’s funeral. All is not as it seems. Chloe is back but can she be trusted? Jumping off buildings. Superman flying. Matrix moments. Suicide Squad.

Liked how the story developed – I wasn’t 100% sure which was it was going, so loved the clarification.
Chloe goes to Oli first.
80 feet up.
Lois’ face during the flight scene.
Unlikely alliances.
Oli’s speech to Chloe at the end.

Black Canary – I really don’t like this incarnation.
Cheese Black Canary lines.
No Chay-Ara.

While there were a few too many Matrix moments for me, I really enjoyed this episode. The scene towards the end with Clark and Lois flying was a real highlight. Only a few more episodes to go – already dreading the thought of no more Smallville. Even bad Smallville is better than no Smallville. The final date/flight has been announced and while some bloggers are relishing its end, others, like me, will be sad to see an old friend leave my screens.