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Review – The Vampire Diaries – The Birthday (S03Ep01)

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Damon is drinking and brooding. It must be a day ending in Y.

This week:
What a difference a Summer in Mystic Falls makes. Everything is the same, but also totally different. Elena and Damon still have unresolved feelings. Elena is pining over Stephan. Stephan is still on his blood kick. Klaus is still reading his own publicity. Caroline and Tyler are spending a lot of time together. Jeremy is seeing the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends and Ric is still lost. It doesn’t take much though to change the game…

Ripper Damon wasn’t just a lame copy of the idea of Ripper from Buffy. It is a little bit more literal than that.
Caroline and Tyler dynamic.
Jeremy telling the truth.
Andy’s exit.
Damon’s “humanity” and the contract to Stephan’s lack of control.
No actual witches on the ground this episode. Yes I still can’t stand Bonnie.

A lot happened, but at the same time, other than changing the dynamic, not a lot occured.
For a big bad, I find Klaus a tad lame. Bring back Elijah!
Brooding, dark Stephan (only mildly less boring that brooding, sanctimonious Stephan).
Donde estas Catherine?

This was a rollicking little episode that got us right back into the game that is Mystic Falls. Where the first families think they know everything but actually know next to nothing. Where life and death is only as real as the person with the power to make it so, and where dopplegangers, witches, werewolves and vampires are just your regular walk in the park.


Review – The Lying Game (Episodes 1-5)

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Having everything, including a family who loves you, doesn't automatically make you a better person....

If Ringer is twin swapping for adults (why it is on the CW I don’t know), then The Lying Game is twin swapping for teens. Sutton Mercer is rich, pretty and a bitch. She recently discovered that her parents lied about her adoption and decides to find the truth. She discovers she has a twin sister, Emma during this search. Emma is a foster kid, trapped in the system with a creepy “brother” who wants to sleep with her. Emma does a runner to Sutton after the brother tries to blackmail her into sex. Following? This is like the first 7 minutes. Sutton has a lead on their supposedly dead birth mother, and convinces Emma to swap with her so she can find her. What could possibly go wrong?

Nature vs nurture.
Teenagers having manufactured problems.
Twists and turns.
Adrian Pastar from Heroes.
Some very interesting choices for supporting characters (Tyler Christopher from General Hospital!)
Twists and turns.
Emma’s development.
Everyone lies (I sound like House).
Awesome sound track – got to the be the same guy who does TVD.

Sutton is a bit of a one trick pony.
Doesn’t seem to be a lot of grey to the characters – white hat/black hat.
Char has potential to be a really strong and interesting character, Kirsten Prout can act the socks of others in this show but hasn’t had the opportunity as yet.

For a bit of teen drama, this is much better than Pretty Little Liars, but I don’t think it will be as popular as it isn’t quite as OTT  and salacious as PLL. A fun 45 minutes of escapism each week – and we all know how much I love a teen drama!


Review – Vampire Boys (2011)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Vampire Boys know that shirts are optional and that a healthy tan is a must.

Vampires made by an Ancient One on their 100th anniversary of becoming a Vampire must do the same else they and their progeny die.  Jasin (yes that is how it is spelt) and his “brothers,” come to LA to find “The One” for Jasin so they can all live together. Unbeknownst to Caleb, a young, gay, college swimming star from Ohio just moved to LA, he is “The One.”

Just how bad the dialogue was. It was awesomely bad!
The acting was so wrong. Their skills of fake drinking coffee were brilliant!
I had no idea it was a gay equivalent to Twilight, I was surprised when the leads were acting, well, gay.
The sunshine myth is just that, a myth – turns out Vampire Boys tan quite nicely.
Their abs weren’t nearly as fake as suggested by the poster.
It was just insanely fun.

The score/music – it was atrocious! That being said, once you got used to it, it kind of added to the experience.
The token female looked like an ex-hooker with bad plastic surgery.
What was with the shock shot of extra large genitalia?
Jasin’s hair.

A few of my friends and I love catching terrible movies – when I saw this was rated at 2.4 on imdb, I thought I had to see it. After a busy week and tiring Saturday, I skipped a BBQ and livetweeted the movie – you can see that here though don’t forget to keep clicking more till there aren’t any more – then read from the bottom up. It wasn’t the worst movie I have seen, but its approach was super fun, and I had an absolute blast watching it. As someone who doesn’t much care for the Twilight franchise, this was just brilliant. That I had no idea what I was getting myself in for, made it even more fun.


Review – Corner Cafe (International Hotel) – Port Pirie (South Australia)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Bright yellow on the main drag - you can't miss it!

Based in the bright yellow International Hotel on Port Pirie’s main drag it wasn’t my first choice to have dinner, but trying to eat after 8pm on a Monday night my choices were the Corner Cafe or McDonalds. However, there seemed to be a lot of people inside and well, as I said, there wasn’t really an alternative.

It turned out that a 50th Wedding Anniversary party was underway and as such the kitchen was still open (not to mention that the guests had brought in their own instruments and sound system and played golden oldies for us!). The menu was basic pub fare, schnitzels, steaks etc and all meals came with unlimited access to their salad and vegetable bar. I ended up going for a Beef Schnitzel – I liked that they didn’t pretend it was Veal. I got a huge (ie they had to fold it to fit it on the plate) with mushroom sauce for a massive price of $12,90. My dinner companion (who is a vegetarian) didn’t have much variety, and settled on Vegetable Noodle StirFry. No bowl of noodles, it was a normal dinner plate covered (and I do mean covered and heaped high) of Udon noodles, some sort of brown but yummy sauce and miles of fresh veges (including peas still in their pods which I guess was their equivalent to Snow Peas.

The bain marie was a whole other thing. You could have eaten a meal just from that. Lots of fresh lettuce (not just iceberg but a solid cafe mix), tomato, tinned beetroot, tinned pineapple, cucumber, carrot, sliced bread (just a white supermarket loaf), potato salad, apple salad, pasta salad, two different kinds of coleslaw and then we had the veges! Potato bake, roast carrot and pumpkin, greens (peas and beans), and good lord I can’t remember the rest. There were 8(!!!) trays on each side each brimming with good old fashioned food.

My schnitchzel was the same as a $20 one I would buy at a pub back home proporting to be veal, however the crumbs weren’t fine, suggesting they probably made their own bread crumbs but oh so yummy – cooked to a perfect golden brown. The mushroom sauce was just gravy with some mushrooms in it but it was great! My companion’s stirfry was way too much to eat and she couldn’t even finish it with picking out the veges, though she did say it was just an average one – nothing like you get in China Town or a real restaurant, but it was like making it at home. From memory I think her meal was about $14. With two drinks (softdrinks) our bill was in the low $30’s.

Huge servings and everything (excepted the tinned items) was incredibly fresh.
Very friendly staff.
Ridiculously cheap.
Incredibly yummy in a home-cooked kind of way.
Super central – being bright yellow it is hard to miss.
Order at the bar but food came out fast.
Clean – very, very clean.

Not a lot of variety.
The decor was a bit bland.

This place isn’t a restaurant, it is a pub that sells food and calls itself a cafe (I did see a cappachino machine but as I don’t drink coffee I can’t comment on its quality). For the price and quality the Corner Cafe is great value for money. We both ate much more than we had intended, trying to fit everything in. If you find yourself in historic Port Pirie there are a few things to remember. Don’t drink the water (seriously as it is a health risk, especially for young children) and stop off at Corner Cafe.
(I stayed at the John Pirie Motor Inn just on the edge of the CBD (chortle) and it was clean, safe and they do a fine cooked breakfast.


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Review – Skins – Liv (S05Ep04)

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011


If only there was a panda costume I would have been there!

This week:
We follow self destructive Liv as she falls from one bad decision to another and has to live with the consequences. We get a better understanding of the final cast member we have only previously seen glimpses of – Matty.

Costume escape.
Relationship with little sister.
Franky “bing.”
Lost mother – how can a teenager make good choices when a parent can’t?
Alo’s declaration.

I found this episode quite disturbing – maybe that is a plus, because this show is designed to shock and think – this episode just pushed me way out of my comfort zone.
Mini lost ground with me.

The disturbing nature of this episode has made me hold off watching the next episode based around Nik (my second least favourite character).


Review – Nikita – The Next Seduction (S01Ep14)

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Now I have taken off my ugly wig and dropped the fake accent, do you still think I am hot? Remember, I am holding the gun.

This week:
An old job from Nikita’s past get’s a revisit. Ryan and Nikita bond. Michael tries to cockblock Nathan. Gogol is sniffing around. Nikita reassesses her choices and advice.

Was very fun watching the Ryan and Nikita relationship developing.
The interactions between Alex and Nathan.
The switch in Nikita with Voss.
Michael’s annoyance that Nikita has had to interact with Voss again.
Ryan trying to stop the plane.
Switch and double cross.
More Noah Bean.

A few minutes of looping weren’t completed.
Nikita’s set up of Gogol was a bit lame and very fake. Are they that stupid they didn’t realise it was a trap?
Nikita in an short wig isn’t nearly as hot as she normally is

This episode took us on a journey into the world that Nikita managed to escape, more depth into the Michael and Nikita relationship as well as the fact there is still hope. Not sure what is happening with the Black Boxes, and Gogol seems a little inept. So while it was fun, it didn’t get us where we want to go in the overall arc, though the character development was interesting.


Review – Off the Map – It’s Good (S01Ep06)

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

There was no excuse to leave the clinica on a mercy dash this week and I do that EVERY week. So you see, that is why I am pouting.

This week:
Mina gets smack. The clinica gets jacked. Ben gets snarky. Tommy gets a set of balls. Ryan gets caught hiding a deadly secret. Otis gets some tea. Tropical disease of the week.

Interesting divergence of the two characters we got more backstory.
No surprises, Mina’s continued development is my favourite part of the show.
Tommy manning up was nice to see – though it surprises me that he didn’t play the rake for longer.
Zita’s stance.

I half joked to myself that I hoped that what blew up was going to blow up.
Was there any surprise in Otis’ choice? Is going to be an interesting arc.
Ben isn’t that interesting of a character for me.

This episode changed the dynamic of the show for me. Characters are moving outside of their initial brief a lot faster than I expected. The only slow development seems to be Mina, which is why I continue to be invested in the show.


Review – Skins (UK) – Mini (S05Ep03)

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

An insight into the compulsions and insecurities that make Mini the bitch that she is.

This week:
Mini is on the table and we get a bird’s eye look into her life. A fashion parade brings things to a head and Mini, for all her bravado and lies is afraid to have sex. We find out why.

Amazed that they got me to care about a character I really don’t like.
Good use of supporting cast (and characters we want to see more of).
Final scene with her mum.
Mini’s insecurities that are driving her life.
Mini’s make over.

Mini doesn’t look like someone who has that disorder.
Took a bit too long to care about Mini. Maybe if the end scene was brought forward a little it would have worked better.

Overall this was a solid episode – not as good as Rich, but still great. It avoided the forced humour of Season Three yet allowed us a window into the Queen Bee with a laugh or two.


Review – Off the Map – I’m Here (S01Ep05)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Who knew I could be more desirable? Sexy bod, sexy accent AND I now come with bacon!!

This week:
What makes family is explored. Underwater amputation. Soccer. Secret illnesses. Penis waving. Bacon.

More fantastic development of my favourite character Mina.
Tommy contacting home.
Not too much Lilly and what there was wasn’t all Ben centric.
Ryan’s illness (guessing TB).
Was half expecting a shark – thankfully that was avoided.
Mina v Hat.

Really hope there isn’t going to be a Mina / Otis relationship.
Felt the father daughter relationship was a bit over the top and distracted from otherwise a strong thematic episode.
Angus so totally be a recurring character!

I am enjoying this show, but it is more a show that I watch while waiting for something else to watch. Yes, I am thoroughly hooked on Mina’s character, background and development, but that really isn’t enough to get me over the line.


Review – Hawaii Five-0 – E Malama (S01Ep16)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Sorry honey, I can't talk now, a vicious creature from outer space is killing my team.

This week:
Danny’s family is put at risk and a witness fights for her life when a hit is put out on her. McGarrett gets his Arnie on. Kono gets to kick some butt again.

Kono flying solo and putting the pieces together.
Danny stepping through his dislike of his ex-wife’s new husband.
Some great throw away lines in the Danny story line.
Lots of stupid police work! (it is one of the reasons I love it)
No product placement.

The barefooted witness was wearing visible Five Fingers.
If you are trying to keep someone alive, wouldn’t you give them your bullet proof vest, especially if they are going to sit on the bike behind you and get shot at?

This wasn’t a good week for Hawaii Five-0 Bingo, and apart from Predator homage/ripoff, it was a fun episode. I am not sure which way Chin-Ho Kelly is supposed to go though. One week he is tech guy, then he is action hero… maybe in Hawaii you can do both!

This week’s title E Malama means “to protect” which ties in nicely with the themes.


PS.  Looks like I forgot to watch last week’s show. A tsunami expert got kidnapped… just another day in Hawaii – though I wonder how the international crime syndicates could be behind it.