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Review – Episodes – Episode Four (S01Ep04)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

And that is why female characters aren't gay on tv.

This week:
Matt gets smashed at a dive bar over the loss of custody of his kids. Beverly and Sean decide to rescue him. We see two very different sides of LeBlanc’s character.

PSSST! Which is your car.
Lack of privacy and bad choices in Hollywood.
LeBlanc character development.
Beverly in the morning.

Not a lot actually happened in this episode. It was all about developing LeBlanc.
I remember finding it really funny, but it wasn’t memorable.

Sometimes I think this show is like Chinese. Really yummy on the consumption, then less than filling and frequently unmemorable.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – Crying Wolf (S02Ep14)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

At the lake house I will ponder the big questions. Like, why I am such a whining annoying character?

This week:
Elena wants to get away from all the craziness in her life. The werewolves want some payback and the moonstone. Jeremy finally gets the girl. Tyler man’s up.

Tyler’s speech to Matt.
Elijah kicking butt.
Elijah 2, Damon 1.
Damon coming “clean” with his new romantic interest.
Bonnie getting her freak on to get the truth about Elijah’s plans.
Nice twist in direction even if we all knew it was coming.
Elena’s parent’s secret room.
John’s demands.

Why is Tyler still trusting Jules after she clearly lied to him?
Too much Elena.
Elena being victim girl.

I must admit I am going to miss Tyler from the mix, but seeing him come back more in touch with his puppy side will be great. I am hoping there is another full moon before the end of the season – puppies vs fangs with Elena and pals caught in the middle is going to be great. Bring on Klaus!


Review – Rabbit Hole (2010)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Stoic is easy while the botox is wearing off.

Becca (Kidman) and Howie (Eckhart) had the ideal life, perfect house, family etc, till their young son died in an accident. The movie picks up 8 months after Danny’s death with the once happy and close couple drifting through their grief and pain.

Beautiful dialogue – every word is precious.
Totally believable motivations.
I loved the relationship between Becca and Jason.
Eckhart’s acting (which I thought was far superior to Kidman’s).
Slow motion.

Kidman was hard to like, but then she did lose her son.
Didn’t much care for her sister.
Felt the Nat character over played (Becca’s mum).
Some scenes (that weren’t dialogue driven) seemed unnecessary.

I would really like to see the play on which the movie is based. Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) won a slew of awards for her portrayal of Becca and I can’t help but wish I saw her version instead of Kidman’s. I was in two minds of seeing this movie. When I saw the trailer at True Grit I was on the verge of tears, so had no idea how I was going to manage two hours of pain. I had prepared myself to cry so much I would develop a migraine (I even packed medication) but it wasn’t a story that threw you into tears. It was about loss yes, but coming out the other side of loss.


Review – Off the Map – On the Mean Streets of San Miguel (S01Ep04)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Damnit all to hell! I strapped my jet pack on backwards!

This week:
Lilly and Ben head into San Miguel to get necessary medical supplies for the clinic. Tommy deals with an engorged penis and falls in love (not with said penis). Lilly breaks the rules and breaks her own heart.

Mina’s character development. Really interesting and fantastically acted – especially the bedside vigil.
No one is really who they appear to be. Scratch the surface and you mightn’t like what you see.
Tommy wanting to be a better person.
Not too much Lilly.
Interesting cases of the week

Really? Romance BS?
We have to leave the clinic – who will I pick? For something different I will pick Lilly (again).
Becoming very formulaic around some characters.

Some parts of this episode were incredibly strong, others cliched and over done. I think the show is still trying to find its ground, but I am invested enough to keep watching – predominately for the character of Mina.


Review – Fringe – Concentrate and Ask Again (S03Ep12)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Hot dress, loaded weapon and worried about my man. Ask yourself, do you feel lucky?

This week:
Olivia contemplates Peter’s feelings for her. People’s bones get turned to jelly. Another Cortexiphan kid comes into play. We get some traction with The First People arc including “The Device.” Olivia learns an uncomfortable truth.

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
Interesting case of the week – not the usual.
Olivia’s concern and developing feelings.
Peter’s character development.
Still parts of Fauxlivia in Olivia.
Olivia centric but not so much as to put you off.
What it means to know what someone is thinking.
Peter’s interaction with The Device.
The continued darkness in Peter.

Walter didn’t really gel for me this episode.
Was hoping for a Red episode.
I don’t want Olivia and Peter romance story lines.

This was an interesting way to forward the Olivia, Fauxlivia and Peter storylines. It also moved us closer to the season finale where Peter will interact with The Device (I assume). The focus firmly on Olivia only highlighted how much Peter isn’t the Peter we know. In fact he is a lot closer to first half of season one Peter. Not so much “fixer” Peter, but in touch with the less open side of his personality.

Not a bad episode, but certainly not to the same standard as the last few.


Review – Episodes – Episode Three (S01Ep03)

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

An arm? Without a hand, yes, but an arm?

This week:
We are at read through stage. We meet the rest of the cast. Watch some filming. Sean goes to Vegas and we learn about Matt LeBlanc’s penis.

The long view to a character being a lesbian.
LeBlanc and his member.
Tamsin Greig’s timing.
Sean thinking he looked hot in Matt’s car.
Nothing is what it seems, even if some looks at you dead in the face and tells you they are looking at you.
Morning Randolph as Juliet Grey.
A couple of total laugh out loud moments for me.

I can see the US market not getting the humour.
The Merc eating scene – shockingly over done.

The more I think about this show, the more it feels like a UK show made in the US – given that is what they are trying to do in the plot, it makes me think about the analogy even more. Alternatively, I could just be looking for subtext where there isn’t any. It is definitely improving each week.


Review – Off the Map – A Doctor Time Out (S01Ep03)

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Are you sure this is the line for the bordello?

This week:
No killer creatures or exotic diseases causing havoc for the Clinica staff. Instead we have land slides, labour and electrocution. Each of the young doctors have to step up and face their own personal challenge of the week.

Great Mina development.
Not too much Lilly.
Backstory for all characters again.
Nice to not see crazy creature stunt.
Everyone is running from something, even if they seem like they aren’t.

Tommy still underutilised.
A little too schmaltzy but not as bad as the first episode.

This show really has a lot of promises. There does seem to be a little too much in the romance focus, relationship driven stories don’t really do it for me, unless they are unlikely pairings, as is the way in the buddy cop duo. Getting predictable, Lilly always gets picked, Mina is always controlling etc. Enjoyable but not sold yet.


Review – Episodes – Episode Two (S01Ep02)

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Merc hangs himself while his blind wife tells yet another story

This week:
The Lincolns catch up for lunch with Matt LeBlanc and reconfirm their knowledge that he is 100% wrong for the show. The network however couldn’t care less and the show is going to be a hit with LeBlanc as the star. A hollywood hills dinner party just sees them sink ever lower into the mire that is “show business.”

I do like the running joke with the guard of their gated community.
Fish out of water scenarios.
Merc’s wife and Merc’s abject lack of respect.
LeBlanc twisting for his own mercurial gains.

Starting to feel a little worn in parts.

I know I said this last post, but I do want to see them during the re-write and production phases, as I think that is where this show can really get its witty dialogue happening, rather than relying on situational comedy.


Review – Fairly Legal – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Wait! Kate! No! Don't go outside! We have blown our CGI budget already!

Kate Reed is an ex-lawyer who now mediates for her recently deceased father’s law firm. She was married to the DA (Trucco), hates her step-mother who runs her father’s firm now, and adores/abuses her assistant. Through dodging the law and taking some less than ethical risks, Kate will manage to save the day for everyone, and maybe save herself along the way.

The use of Wizard of Oz as ring tones.
Patrick Gilmore.
The idea that lawyers (well ex lawyers) do want to do the right thing.
Interesting family dynamic.
Judge David Nicastro played by the always enjoyable Gerald McRaney.
Buffy and geek moments!

Shocking stereotyping.
Were Trucco’s teeth always that huge and white?
It sure as heck wasn’t shot in San Fransico – CGI blowed.
Do all Aussie sailors hook up with anything in a skirt?

For all its faults, I actually enjoyed this how. Yes it is still finding its feet and they are CGI’ing in San Fran landmarks, but it was a nice little narrative. Some aspects I can see tiring me fast. How she is always late for one – complete disrespect. Trucco’s teeth is another. I am looking forward to seeing how the dynamic progresses. Mind you, if the ratings were anything to go by, I probably won’t get much of a chance.

Apparently Richard Dean Anderson of Stargate and Young and the Restless fame is a recurring star. It is going to need all the help it can get.

Oh I also think it is ironic that a show for USA Network was probably shot in Canada.


Review – Human Target – Ilsa Pucci (S02Ep01) (Season Two Premier)

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

It is a couple of minutes in and I haven't shot anyone yet, wanna be the first?

This week:
We pick up 48 hours after the end of season one. Winston has been kidnapped, so Chance and Guerrero are getting him back. Chance decides to leave the business and goes to the end of the world (no, not Loganholme). 6 months later he is back protecting Ilsa Pucci as someone is trying to kill her, and he and the team have to keep her alive while flushing out said baddies. We also meet a new team member or two.

Nice red herrings.
Finally some female characters.
Couple of quite funny moments.
Tahmoh Penikett (BSG and Dollhouse) was a pleasant surprise.
Timothy Omundson of Deadwood, Jerricho and Psych fame reprised his role.
I loved how they pulled off the rescue.

What happened to The Old Man?
Who picked up The Book? (I re-watched that part and can’t see who it was – maybe Chance when he left? If not it had to be Guerrero.)
The eyes have it.
Dumbed down the motive a little too much.

This episode was nothing but fun. Human Target can sometimes go too far, but this one was just inside the realms of believability for the show. I got to say, I love what Ilsa did with the office. Thankfully it is raining today, so I might just have to watch another episode!