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Review – The Cape – The Lich Part 1 (S01Ep07)

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

I know that look - I had it while watching this episode

This week:
Flemming wants to buy the port of Palm City. Toby Zeigler wants to stop him and find a missing heir. Guy is making zombies.

That is as far as I got.

The Cape finally defeated me. I was just going to keep going till the end – it is in sight after all, but I just couldn’t. I can deal with Train Wreck TV, but this just had me feeling sorry for the cast and crew so I turned it off.


Review – The Cape – Goggles and Hicks (S01Ep06)

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Let's be stereotypical assassins in the way that stereotypical means "nothing like."

This week:
The Cape needs some time to heal and get his head back in the game so takes a day off. What could possibly interfere with that?

I did like the Tarot duo.
Vince’s son makes a friend.

Where to start?
The plot was dull.
The tech was ridiculous.
Flemming was under utilised and when he was on screen it was just stupid.
Orwell – yawn.

Thankgoodness this has been shelved. These days I watch just to see if it can actually get worse… it can.


Review – The Cape – Dice (S01Ep05)

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Even though the enemy of my enemy is my friend, you are my enemy.

This week:
ARK prepares to release a computer than can predict the future (correctly). Dark moments of the past come back to haunt Flemming. The Cape finds himself on protective detail. Orwell does her techy thing. The Cape saves the day. Chess comes out to play.

The Flemming character is further developed.
Flemming and his psychologist.

We have seen the math on screen thing before.
Guest star not that strong.
Orwell annoyingly intrusive and stupid.
The plot of this episode.
Really what the hell is with the ridiculous contact lenses.

This episode really could have been something. Again it had all the components, but they didn’t gel. The Cape character is really such a disappointment. Flemming is a great villain, and doesn’t need to be Chess – that is merely a distraction. Flemming is a Luthor type villain, why turn him into something cheesy?

Interestingly, the publicity shots for this episode listed it as number three.


Review – The Cape – Scales on a Train (S01Ep04)

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

How can this NOT be funny? No idea, but it was unfunnier than me after no sleep.

This week:
Vince decides to play Scales and get him to reveal that Flemming is Chess in public. The Carnival of Crime decides to get their thieving on. Orwell’s big twist is reveals (did anyone not see it coming?). Things don’t go as planned.

Richard Schiff again.
The Cape and The Cape.
Peter Flemming as a “White Hat.”

There were so many opportunities for really funny moments! I sat there waiting for it, but they never came.
The Orwell reveal – yawn.
Chess and The Cape buddy cops saving the day.
Schiff underused again.

I saw the prelim photos a week or so before I saw the episode, and was really looking forward to it – as I assumed it was going to be a rollicking adventure with laugh after laugh. Richard Schiff has such amazing timing, yet he had nowhere to go with such bland writing.

I am a week and a bit behind in my reviews – but it was annouced today that the order for The Cape has been slashed. So it doesn’t matter if I put it on notice, it is already dead.


Review – The Cape – Kozmo (S01Ep03)

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Actually, it is part of my contract that I have to show how bendy I am in every show. You will see me get bendy and kick butt soon. You can call me The Curtain!

This week:
The previous owner of The Cape’s Cape wants it back. We find out about Max. Oh mysterious, hot blogger with unsuspected family history (if unsuspected means “dead obvious from the first few moments we meet her”) you get bendy. Vince’s wife thinks she can prove his innocence. ARK gets all sneaky. Chess doesn’t get dressed up. Good triumphs over evil.

At least we got to see some Rolo again.

Oh the Cape feeds of the darkness in men’s souls – OH NOES!
Orwell on the back of a mini bike – seriously who rides like that.
Such obvious plot twists and turns I felt almost offended by how dumb the show thought I must be.

The Cape is officially on notice. Only two more eps and I can be free of it I think. It still has no clue what kind of show it is. The plots is painful, the dialogue worse. I guess actors have to pay their mortgage somehow. This is a train wreck of epic proportions and I think it is wrong to watch a show for schadenfreude. I do hope it gets its act together as there are brief moments of potential, very brief moments.


Review – The Cape – Tarot (S01Ep02)

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Hi there Mr International Assassin. How are you? Did you know I kick arse in a skirt?

This week:
Toby Zeigler now works in local council in Palm City and is opposing the privatisation of the prison system by ARK. Flemming puts a hit on Toby. We meet the organisation Tarot. The Cape has to save the day, with some help of the “mysterious” blogger Orwell.

It wasn’t as bad as the pilot.
It is always nice to see Richard Schiff on the teev.
Tease to a secret crime organisation who all seem to have obvious tattoos.
Fun seeing The Cape getting his arse kicked.

Apparently The Cape can draw on the darkness in mens souls. Riiight.
What a waste of Schiff.
Ridiculousness of The Cape’s magical abilities.
Poison tolerance.

This was a shown in the US back to back with the pilot. I can’t imagine why they would choose to do that. They are two distinct, stand alone eps. Maybe they thought it people just saw the pilot they wouldn’t come back. This is going to sound weird, but even with super heroes there is some level of believability to their actions. This has none. The character of Orwell is so blatantly involved/related to XXX it is insane. Do they really think that their audience is that dumb… well given the writing, maybe.


Review – The Cape – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Monday, January 17th, 2011

You think I look silly now? You should see me in my mask too!

Good cop gets framed for being criminal master mind. Hangs out with circus folk who also rob banks with furry woodland creatures. Determined to clear his name and reassure his family he isn’t a super villain with stupid contact lenses. Thankfully, he has a cape and a hot blogging side kick!

This week:
Oh noes! The man I am supposed to protect just blew up! I don’t trust the police force I am a part of, so I will join a private police force.  Betrayl! Oh look! Carni folk! The Cape gets a cape. Takes on villains.

Just proof that all female bloggers are super hot and very rich!
Ridiculously bad. Like watching a train wreck, you can’t look away.
James Frain when he isn’t trying to be stupid. This character of Peter Flemming is actually incredibly interesting – him being a super villain ruins it. (oh and it isn’t a spoiler – you are told this like 10 mins in)
The Cape getting his arse kicked.

Really? Those contacts?
Atrocious acting.
The most stupid stunts you will see for a long time.
What a waste of a guest star.
I sang “Too Hot for a Hoodie” to myself through the entire episode.
Ridiculous plot.

This show needs to work out if it is going to be superhero twee or a crime fighting procedural (as I read it was intended, just that it happened to have a super hero) or a scifi show (which I read some up coming episodes will be). I think the Australian channels are wisely hanging onto their cash to see how it goes before signing up for this show. Then again, No Ordinary Family was terrible, and it rates well each week.