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Review – True Blood – Season 4 (SPOILERS)

Monday, September 26th, 2011

I actually LOL'ed when they did the slow motion walk.

Over all, this season didn’t take me on the same sort of journey as previous seasons. We had vampires, shifters, fairies and wolves (oh my!) – but we also had witches and ghost whisperers.

Jason development (apart from the first arc).
Tara is dead! (I know she won’t stay dead and I am thinking a faery twist)
Alcide is finally rid of Debbie.
Tommy is finally dead (I hated that whole Mickens plot from last year).
Nan is finally dead – the true death.
Lots of puppy dog (and nekkid) Eric.
Andy’s journey.
Jessica’s development.
Loved the Rene moment!

WTF? Ghost Whisper? The worst episode in TB – ever.
The break from the books – now normally I don’t mind – but the whole Eric and Sookie thing – too neatly wrapped up – the books did it MUCH better.
Jason’s “recovery” after being repeatedly raped.
Sookie did very little, if any, character development this season.
Sookie has very bland threesome fantasies.
MoonGoddess Yawn Emporium.
I didn’t think that the arc of “mainstreaming” really meshed neatly with the whole witch thing very well.

Any TrueBlood is better than no TrueBlood, but I do so hope next season gets back on track. The last episode helped me forget a lot of what I didn’t like, but still just an average season.


Review – Person of Interest – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Yes, you are being watched so don't go out in ugg boots, m'ok?

Post 9/11 the world changed. We are all now watched by CC TV, and tracked in our day to day lives. What if the patterns of our day to day lives gave away more than just suspected terrorism plots?

Jim Caviezel (though apparently he calls himself James now).
Michael Emerson.
Interesting concept.
Nice fight scenes.
Leg shots!
Love the cutaways – very uncomfortable.

Writing didn’t really build suspense.
Found it hard to get into it till about 20 mins.
Had trouble being empathetic to the characters.
Not sure I like the whole “cop trying to find the truth” arc – been there done that a gazabillion times. Given the premise it could have been a lot more interesting and menacing.
Discussed but didn’t address the loss of human rights to gain “freedom.”
Think it is going to be very formulaic.
No female lead.

For a pilot, it wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t great. It told me what was happening, what to expect from week to in way of episodes. It is enough to have me coming back for a few more weeks to see what happens, but not convinced yet.


Review – The Playboy Club – Pilot (S01Ep01)

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Pick a bunny, any bunny.

It is 1960’s Chicago, and the Playboy Club is the hottest “key” in town. The bunnies are the most liberated women around, they can be whomever they want, including the African American “Chocolate” Bunny. Into this mix we have the movers and shakers, corrupt and not, in Chicago. What could possibly go wrong?


Interesting concept.
Liberation and repression with false expectations all rolled into one.
OMG it was David Krumhotlz as Billy Rosen.
Could be an interesting series arc if it gets its full run.
I like the gay rights subplot (including Sean Maher).
Nick Dalton is the name of the main character – I know a Nick Dalton.


For all its sexy bunny outfits, and Bunny Mansion parties, it was decidedly unsexy.
Not tightly written.
Characters need a lot of fleshing out.
Didn’t really have much suspense – even the big suspense scene.

This show didn’t really gel in the pilot. It has the potential to be an interesting character driven piece, they just have to work out what type of show it is – it doesn’t quite know yet. Is it noir? Is it T&A? Is it Mad Men lite?


Review – Stargate Universe – Twin Destinies (S02Ep12)

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

That is one Destiny down, one to go.

This week:
Mathboy finds a way to dial out using the power of a star. Rush thinks it is too dangerous and against the mission of Destiny. Telford wants to go home and uses any and all means of persuasion.

It wasn’t the worst episode.
I did like the multiple timelines.
Elli’s weighty guilt.

One of the things I used to like was the grey – the leads are so one dimensional now.
We still have to watch Telford.
Young, worst leader ever or worst leader ever?
Umm what happened to that whole Lucian Alliance thing? Is Varro the only one left?

It wasn’t terrible, it was just average. There could have been so much more (as I find myself saying a lot with this show) but it just failed to deliver.


Review – Solomon Kane (2009)

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Agents of Satan like to crucify too!

Solomon Kane is a bad ass privateer/military man serving under Queen Elizabeth I, bent on treasure and destruction until he finds out that his evil ways means he is doomed to Hell. Go figure. He turns into a man of peace, until Evil takes hold of his little corner of England.

Lots of shots that were graphic novel perfect (mind you I have never read it) but you know the look I mean.
John Purefoy.
Pete Postlethwaite (already missed).
Nicely styled.
Interesting take on that time period – no Gloriana.
Some of the fight scenes were nicely done.
The cellar dwellers.
Some of the special effects were pretty sweet – especially the ones involving mirrors.

Some of the sets were pretty badly made – the graveyard of the old church especially.
Didn’t really gel as a story.
Solomon’s speaking voice.
He sent her back???

This movie at times felt and looked big budget, and at other times it had all the signs of a made for SyFy movie. It had all the components on paper to make it work, but it just didn’t. Obviously, there is no franchise out of this, which is a shame, because Solomon Kane is an interesting character, just not necessarily the way he was written for the movie – just like Van Helsing.


Review – Off The Map – Es Un Milagro (S01Ep07)

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

You know how I said I wasn't doing smack? Well... Let's have a "man heart to heart" over this patient who is dying.

This week:
We pick up moments after we left off. The helicopter has crashed. Complications, decisions, revelations and disappointment.

I keep saying how much I like Mina. Her acting this week was miles ahead of everyone else.
Nice departure of the standard format.
Pleased that Ryan has told the truth.
Tommy was underutilised but it was a nice arc or discovery.

The Ryan alone in the wilderness plot – unlikely.
The final shot. Should have finished with Ben and Ryan.
I really don’t want an Otis and Milly arc.

There is only one real series arc that keeps me coming back. If we get an episode that doesn’t focus on Mina and allow the outstanding acting chops of Mame Gurber to shine through, I don’t know how I will feel about the show. Much of it seem vapid and vacuous but there is just enough to keep me interested. That being said, I read that Rachelle Lefevre has just signed for a pilot – so perhaps Off the Map is already dead.


Review – Nikita – Echoes (S01Ep16)

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

She's coming... /yawn

This week:
We pick up straight where we left off last week. Amanda wants answers and with Percy’s blessing, she is taking advantage of Alex’s state. Nikita is putting together an exit package for Alex, and Michael is a dog with a bone. Much of this episode takes place in Alex’s subconscious.

Very interesting development of the Alex character.
Michael’s obsession.
Birkoff’s patronising manner.
Nice not to have a mission of the week to bust.
Who Alex was running from.

Amanda’s arc this episode.
Too soon for a confrontation as per the episode cliffhanger.
Not enough Nikita doing her thing.
What Alex wants is what all women want kind of feel.
So slow.
Painful editing.
The chase scenes weren’t well done.

While I was watching this episode I wasn’t quite sucked in, even if I was a bit frustrated with the delivery. I felt it limiting, but I understand it had to be shown to cast disparity on her current life and what her life would have been/could become. It also ups the ante for Nathan in coming episodes, however overall I found it very slow and if not for the last 30 seconds, it would have been a very low panda event.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – The Dinner Guest (S02Ep15)

Saturday, February 26th, 2011


Oh Katherine. Sex as a weapon? Isn't that just a little passe?

This week:
Elena and Stefan are still at the lake house, reading the half mad diaries on Jonathan Gilbert. Rick and Damon, using John’s gift and some information from Katherine, decide to kill Elijah during a dinner party. What could possibly go wrong?

Rick and John doing virtual penis waving over Jenna and Isobel.
How many times have they tried to kill Elijah now?
Double cross.
John sowing seeds of doubt for Jenna.
Rick being honest (as much as he can) for Jenna.

Elena has here whinge pants on again.
Stefan backstory – mega yawn.
Jeremy and Bonnie (I seriously dislike that character).
Bonnie’s acting whens he loses something important.

This wasn’t a great episode. While watching I thought there was too much going on, but then I realised nothing really happened, other than the great double cross at the end (which got me totally by surprise).


Review – Catfish (2010)

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

You know you like someone when you photoshop them into a photo of you - generally a better photo none the less.


Nev, a NYC photographer strikes up an unlikely relationship with a  Michigan family, initially through art. Nev’s brother and his film partner decide to document this unusual relationship. We watch it develop to its current day form.

Nicely rounded out.
Nothing like the trailer. After seeing the trailer I had NO intention on seeing it, yet given all the positive reviews, felt I should ignore my preconceptions and go.
I didn’t ask for my money back.
It meets your hypothesis then forces you to redraw them.
Some LOL moments.

I saw 4 people leave, and I was over 1/3 way down in the cinema, so probably more than that walked out.
If you have seen it and want to see other minuses – spoiler zone below.

If the objective of this movie is for you to talk about it, get on line and search about it (DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT) then it excels. It is entertaining. One thing it isn’t is a thriller. Whomever cut the trailer should be fired.


If you have seen it and want to read my thoughts, highlight and drag as I have written them in white text.

In many ways, this film reminds me of the documentary, The Red Chapel. Who is spinning and lying to whom. How far will you go, and what will you tell yourself to get what you want. No one is innocent.

Anyone who played any MMORPG is very familiar with the concept and the lengths that people will go to to garner attention, affection and self worth. I remember in EQ, one person we had in our guild faked her own suicide on line, including having their brother post on our message board and him following her wish that her character live on. It isn’t like this movie is going anywhere new – Gatica, The Fantastic Mr Ripley – the only thing different is the medium which is “so hot right now.”

Is it real? Is it fake. There are some holes in the plot. The one that screamed at me were the postcards being RTS’ed when they were sent weeks ago, yet they are conveniently in the letter box. As soon as that happened, I felt over played to me… well more over played that it had previously.

If you are an Australian over 30, you may remember a test that George Negus (I think it was) pulled on the Australian media to prove they don’t do any background research. He got an actor, and faked a history of this psychic (from memory). He got him booked on the Mike Walsh Show, where he had a tanty and threw a glass of water over the host. Then it went into a media firestorm – and the “journalists” did nothing to verify any of the bogus information – The psychic did interviews, they set up all this fake info, and everyone bought it – it wasn’t until the following week on 60 Minutes that the truth came out.  Thanks to @Rastas000 who checked the spoilers (naughty lad) and found video of this event. Was Richard Carlton, but not too bad for a brief memory of the failure of Australian journalism. You can see it here. To me, that is Catfish. There is just enough background truth, I think most of it is unscripted, but I don’t think it is real. These days it is way to easy to set up a false paper trail on line. Heck, I have one for my nom de plume! (I don’t mean Pandas)I cannot believe that if he was was that into her he never googled. Everyone googles. IN the end though, it is all just too neat and tidy.

Review – Off the Map – Smile. Don’t Kill Anyone (S01Ep02)

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Much respect for the actor who had to pretend he was being crushed by an anaconda for half the show. How he didn't laugh is beyond me.

This week:
All of the new doctors face their own individual challenges again. Be it an anaconda, their ego or their fear of not being taken seriously. All rise to the occasion in their own ways. Relationships end, others begin.

The character of Mina really shone this week. Last week she just seemed cold and controlling. This week, there was real depth and she actually acted. Imagine my surprise when I looked her up on IMDB and found out she is Merryl Streep’s daughter.
Not too much romance.
A little more backstory.
Ryan is an interesting character and look forward in getting to know her.

Still way too much schmaltz.
Not sure I liked they way they addressed non-traditional medicine (hopefully this will be something that is explored in more detail later.
Anaconda? Oh come on.
Scar reduction surgery (on a veranda).
Tommy isn’t as interesting as I first thought.
Why is it so focused around Lilly?
Martin Henderson as a love interest.

What is going to happen when they run out of critter and developing world disease of the week?  Even with all those negatives and the silliness, it was better than last week, and I am interested enough in the character Mina to watch the next three episodes without groaning at the thought.