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Review – The Vampire Diaries – The Birthday (S03Ep01)

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Damon is drinking and brooding. It must be a day ending in Y.

This week:
What a difference a Summer in Mystic Falls makes. Everything is the same, but also totally different. Elena and Damon still have unresolved feelings. Elena is pining over Stephan. Stephan is still on his blood kick. Klaus is still reading his own publicity. Caroline and Tyler are spending a lot of time together. Jeremy is seeing the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends and Ric is still lost. It doesn’t take much though to change the game…

Ripper Damon wasn’t just a lame copy of the idea of Ripper from Buffy. It is a little bit more literal than that.
Caroline and Tyler dynamic.
Jeremy telling the truth.
Andy’s exit.
Damon’s “humanity” and the contract to Stephan’s lack of control.
No actual witches on the ground this episode. Yes I still can’t stand Bonnie.

A lot happened, but at the same time, other than changing the dynamic, not a lot occured.
For a big bad, I find Klaus a tad lame. Bring back Elijah!
Brooding, dark Stephan (only mildly less boring that brooding, sanctimonious Stephan).
Donde estas Catherine?

This was a rollicking little episode that got us right back into the game that is Mystic Falls. Where the first families think they know everything but actually know next to nothing. Where life and death is only as real as the person with the power to make it so, and where dopplegangers, witches, werewolves and vampires are just your regular walk in the park.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – Season Two Wrap Up

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Catherine? Elena? Catherine? Loving a doppleganger and their original must be confusing.

This season:
It was the season of the witch in Mystic Falls. It was easy to work out who was a witch – they were African American. But the idea of balance – what witchcraft is all about we learn – was the underlying theme this season. From dueling and distrustful brothers (not just one set but two), double edged secrets, relationship roundabouts and giving up your life to do the right thing for once in your life: balance reigned supreme.
Caught up in the real world – I haven’t blogged an episode since Klaus. While that is only a day or two in Vampire Diaries time, it seems like years ago.

I freely admit to crying a heap during The Sun Also Rises.
Jenna’s choice (albeit unsuccessful) was magnificent. You could see her emotional pain and that realisation and decision. Brilliant.
Catherine having to go against everything she wanted to fool Klaus.
Caroline, Matt and her Mum.
Catherine’s last words to Elena. BOOM!
Damon getting his payoff.
The truth behind the myth.
Jeremy is seeing things?
THE BODY COUNT!!! (So many death scenes!!)
Brilliant soundtrack.

Bonnie – yawn.
Stefan getting blood lust (Angelus was so much cooler).
Elena being all lack of choice but still insisting she is making decisions.
Did I mention Bonnie?
Alaric woefully underused.
No werewolf vampire face off – I was really looking forward to an all out war in Mystic Falls.

From a show I started to watch because it was the funniest show on TV (after FoxNews), it has grown into a really strong, emotionally driven show. Their approach to mixed living, humour, love and loss is both fun and mature. Next season, based around the Originals I would imagine, is going to be a doozy (so long as there isn’t too much Stefan).


Review- The Vampire Diaries – Klaus (S02Ep19)

Monday, April 25th, 2011

No offense Klaus, but I think Elijah is just a tad hotter, and he doesn't look at me like your favourite meal. #justsaying

Thie week:
After raising Hell witin Alaric’s body recently, we get some Klaus and Elijah backstory before we finally get the meet the real Klaus. Everything we thought we knew, we didn’t. Talk about a twist!

Nice parrells between the sets of brothers – Elijah and Klaus plus Damon and Stefan.
No Bonnie.
Damon trying to stay in control.
Jenna! Was I the only one saying “YAY!”
Fantastic Klaus, Elijah and Katherine backstory.
The truth about Klaus.
The teasing and hinting about The Originals. (Anyone else think that is Season 3?)

No Caroline – we left that at such a critical juncture.

This entire episode took place over a couple of hours. It was full on, flat strap story and character development w very little “vampirism.” This episode truly rocketed along, not staying on any one arc too long. It successfully built up the tension and the speed at which things are coming to resolution as we approach the end of the season. Talk about a game changer!


Review – The Vampire Diaries – Know Thy Enemy (S0217)

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise.

This week:
After an agonising break due to poor weather, we are back! Jenna gets the shock and betrayal of her life. John gets a wake up call. Bonnie is still annoying. Jeremy is still a puppy dog. Damon and Stefan get a secret weapon and our heart breaks for Caroline.

OMG The Caroline arc!!! That was just brilliant. Heart breaking while really changing the dynamic of the story.
Jenna (Sara Canning) did some nice acting there – always good to see that the cast actually can act.
Plans come crashing down for everyone.
Getting compelled sucks if you are a vampire.
Nice little Klaus twist.
Seeing twitter go nuts when Damon took off his shirt in each time zone.
Cross and double cross.

Bonnie and Jeremy.
Wanted to see more of Jenna.
Very busy episode after the break, so lost some momentum going in (I think watching it back to back it wouldn’t be noticeable).

It was so nice to be back in Mystic Falls. This season is really building up to a lot of conclusions, major and minor arcs alike. I can’t wait to see how it all pans out.


PS. And a special treat for all the younguns looking for pics of Damon when he takes off his shirt.

Settle down teen girls.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – The House Guest (S02Ep16)

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

So let me see if I have this. Jane walked, then she skipped and finally ran? No! Way! This is riveting.

This week:
Damon realises that Katherine was willing to sacrifice him so she could be free and isn’t thrilled. The Martins try and rescue someone important to their master plan. Girl’s night out. Product placement. Caroline sings and discovers that the truth won’t always set you free.

I do like Caroline as a character and as an actress, though she does scream funny. There has been talk of her playing the reboot of Buffy, would hate to lose her from TVD.
The cellar scene.
Caroline “breathing through it.”
Matt’s reaction.
Witch burial ground. That sounds like it will be big soon.
Katherine vs Elena.
Katherine playing Elena as she oft is want to do.
Katherine vs the floor thanks to Damon.
Ding Dong. Who’s that at the door? (no it isn’t Secretariat)

Elena’s response to her friend wanting to shag her little brother.
Bonnie finding what was lost – damn.
Bonnie and Jeremy.

This episode was a LOT better than last week’s. I only saw one of the twists tonight coming, and I think everyone would have guessed it. The rest, no way did I think things were going to occur the way they did. And that last scene? Poor Jenna.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – The Dinner Guest (S02Ep15)

Saturday, February 26th, 2011


Oh Katherine. Sex as a weapon? Isn't that just a little passe?

This week:
Elena and Stefan are still at the lake house, reading the half mad diaries on Jonathan Gilbert. Rick and Damon, using John’s gift and some information from Katherine, decide to kill Elijah during a dinner party. What could possibly go wrong?

Rick and John doing virtual penis waving over Jenna and Isobel.
How many times have they tried to kill Elijah now?
Double cross.
John sowing seeds of doubt for Jenna.
Rick being honest (as much as he can) for Jenna.

Elena has here whinge pants on again.
Stefan backstory – mega yawn.
Jeremy and Bonnie (I seriously dislike that character).
Bonnie’s acting whens he loses something important.

This wasn’t a great episode. While watching I thought there was too much going on, but then I realised nothing really happened, other than the great double cross at the end (which got me totally by surprise).


Review – The Vampire Diaries – Crying Wolf (S02Ep14)

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

At the lake house I will ponder the big questions. Like, why I am such a whining annoying character?

This week:
Elena wants to get away from all the craziness in her life. The werewolves want some payback and the moonstone. Jeremy finally gets the girl. Tyler man’s up.

Tyler’s speech to Matt.
Elijah kicking butt.
Elijah 2, Damon 1.
Damon coming “clean” with his new romantic interest.
Bonnie getting her freak on to get the truth about Elijah’s plans.
Nice twist in direction even if we all knew it was coming.
Elena’s parent’s secret room.
John’s demands.

Why is Tyler still trusting Jules after she clearly lied to him?
Too much Elena.
Elena being victim girl.

I must admit I am going to miss Tyler from the mix, but seeing him come back more in touch with his puppy side will be great. I am hoping there is another full moon before the end of the season – puppies vs fangs with Elena and pals caught in the middle is going to be great. Bring on Klaus!


Review – The Vampire Diaries – Daddy Issues (S02Ep13)

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

I know you are a werewolf Tyler and that you have the hots for that Vampire. Just use protection OK? For example a big wooden stake.

This week:
John announces his relationship with Elena to Jenna. John plays hard to get. Jules gets her vengeance on with the help of some friends. Caroline gets captured. Tyler learns the truth about Mystic Falls.

Did NOT see the fight ending that way.
Caroline in the hands of the werewolves.
Tyler development.
Not too much Elena.
John playing many hands in the same game.
Tyler and Caroline interactions.
Damon back to old tricks but tortured by them.

Caroline and Matt. That couple doesn’t really interest me at all, but I did like how Caroline handled it.
Tyler’s choice – didn’t think he would do that – the first and third bits yes, but the second and forth bits no. (hope that is vague enough for you all)
Elena was a bit annoying in her interactions with John.

All up though this was as close to a perfect episode as you can get in TVD. The arc development, the character choices and forward actions, reaffirming their starting positions and lining things up for one heck of a show down. Can’t wait.


Review – The Vampire Diaries – The Descent (S02Ep12) Mid-Season Return

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Damon, I am going to emotionally manipulate you because I know you love me. That doesn't make me a bad person, but it does make you a bad Vampire if you follow your nature.

This week:
Rose is suffering the effects of the werewolf bite. Damon has to come to terms with no longer switching off his feelings. Elena babysits an hallucinating vampire (what could possibly go wrong). Caroline gets kissed, twice. Stephan has his own little side mission.

Jules is a lot more complicated than initially thought.
Damon’s dream with Rose. I admit I cried.
Return to Damon 1.0.
John is back!
Caroline and Tyler (really enjoying this story line).
Not Elena centric.
Werewolves can hold a grudge like a vampire.

When I first watched it I thought, WOW a lot just happened, but in retrospect, not so much.
Elena is still trying to emotionally manipulate Damon.
No-one is really trusting anyone, yet expecting others to trust them.

I did enjoy the Damon arc this episode. As you know, I rewatched season one before Christmas as part of my holiday viewing, and I had forgotten the old Damon. This was almost a return to form. This could get very interesting very fast.


Review – Piranha (aka Piranha 3D)

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Someone misses the Upper East Side, XOXO.

It is Spring Break in Arizona. There is an underwater earthquake in the lake where all the uni students are getting their party on. Pirahna’s enter lake and eat lots of co-eds. Blood in the water (lots). Family in peril. Resolution – kind of.

After Birdemic it actually seemed good.
Playing spot the teen tv star.
Tension building.
Watching a 3D movie in 2D is funny (especially the specifically made for 3D shots).
So. Much. Blood.
Incredibly pleased I didn’t see a penis being consumed by a piranha in 3D.

I learnt a lot more American slang terms from breasts (who knew there were that many??).
Pretty predictable.
Adam Scott won’t be back in the sequel.

This movie was your stock standard killer man eating piranha movie. Blood, guts, gore, pointless acts of heroism, large amounts of stupidity. It was pretty enjoyable and as always the company made the movie even more fun. Possibly the funniest part of the movie was when one of us fell asleep and made a fair bit of noise, sleeping through the huge beach massacre.