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Review – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Friday, December 24th, 2010

I see only happiness in our future! This telescope only shows me the truth - at least that is what the guy in Mongolia told me!

I remember seeing this at the movies years ago, and about a year ago I bought the DVD for $1 on ebay.  Given my current holidaying status I decided to dig the DVD out of my box of random stuff I have acquired over the year and watch it. First up – what the hell – it was in English! I remember it in Chinese – thankfully I got my language options open and fixed that.

Controlled love. Unbridled passion. Vengeance. Feuds. Choices and loss. Oh and a little bit of sword play.

The beautifully styled fights and how they were captured.
Some of the camera angles were brilliant!
Women in positions of strength, power and/or control.
Developed characters, not like some Wuxia movies.
The use of colour and light – breathtaking.
The difference in shooting styles for the desert vs the city.
Hair styles.

A tad too much magic for me – a little is good – but all the “running-flying” bores me.
Michelle Yeoh is better looking now I think.
No one really gets what they want in the end.

I was surprised just how much I had forgotten in the 9-10 years since I last saw it. The fights were even more spectatular than I remembered, though I must admit that some of the shots in the fight scenes and imagery in Reign of Assassins topped Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but mind you, 10 years have passed and there is a lot better technology available these days. In that way it has dated a little, but still a brilliant film that holds it own in other ways.


Review – Reign of Assassins – Australian Premier – #BIFF

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Beautifully and creatively shot on every level

For some reason this was touted as the new John Woo movie – but we couldn’t see his name as Producer or Director in this romp. I have seen elsewhere on the net that he has been credited as a co-director. Okaaaaaay.

In many ways, RoA’s ticks the boxes for a matrial arts movie. Silly pretense, grudges, fights, pretty girls who are dangerous, cross and double cross. And look, I was enjoying it as a piece of pure escapism movie going, until it became about testicles. It didn’t need to. Even if it had just stayed on mega martial arts skills I would have been happy with that. That twist wasn’t necessary IMHO. The other twist though I didn’t see coming.

While I have heard some people say that the romance story wasn’t in line with the story, I found he acting between Michelle Yeoh’s Zeng Jing and Jung Woo-sung’s Jiang Ah-sheng was lovely – and I thoroughly enjoyed the disparity between their little ideal world and what was going on around them. So NEENAH to those who didn’t like that.

Lovely comedic dialouge
Some good fights (though some were a little silly)
Awesome twist!
Sword play.
The filming of the fights was pretty hot too – especially the watershedder sword shots.

Testicles anyone?
Silly names.
In high dialouge scenes the subtitles moved too quickly to take in the scene and the words.

Even with the silly twist, it was an enjoyable way to finish the festival and I am very pleased I saw it. I generally wait for DVD, so this was the first wuxia movie I had seen since Hero – so it was lovely to revisit the experience on the big screen.


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